Xavier Sanger

Elementary School: Agnes E. Little School, St. Mary’s Elementary School, Saylesville Elementary 
College: Rhode Island College
Major: Biology with intentions of Double Majoring in Music Theory 
What is your dream job? 
My absolute dream job is to be a performing artist.

“What makes CHS so special is that there is something here for everyone, depending on how much ambition they have.”

Who was your favorite teacher or administrator during your time at CHS? What subject did they teach? What made her or him special?

My favorite teacher during my time at CHS has been Ms. Ducharme. She is the choral director and teaches classes like music theory and electronic music. She’s special to me because she’s one of the only teachers in the school that I can actually talk to. She is also the director of the Cumberland Clef Singers, a group I am a part of. Clef is basically my family away from home.


What is something about CHS that people might not know, but should?

One major thing that people might not know about CHS is that since Mr. Tenreiro’s arrival at the school, the graduation rate has raised 10% in four years. Also, because of what Mr. Tenreiro has done here in these four years, he won national principal of the year in 2015.

What advice would you give to next year’s ninth grade students coming to CHS?

The most crucial piece of advice that I can give to next year’s freshman is to try your hardest academically all four years. There will be people who tell you that Freshman and Sophomore year don’t matter because colleges don’t look at those years. The fact is that it’s about keeping your GPA as high as possible and eventually doing well on SAT’s when the time comes. If you have even one academically poor year, it can destroy your overall GPA, so do well all throughout your high school career.

What makes CHS special? Why?

What makes CHS so special is that there is something here for everyone, depending on how much ambition they have. There are so many sports, clubs, and organizations at the school, that it gives everyone a chance to feel like they are apart of something. There are many schools who have very few clubs and students aren’t provided with the opportunity to do what they are interested in. Our school does exceptionally well in giving people that opportunity.