Michaela Simanski

Elementary School: Ashton Elementary School
College: Rhode Island College
Major: Teaching/Special Education
What is your dream job? 
My dream job would be teaching in a special education classroom, and helping these students be the best they can be.

“CHS is special because it is a place where kids can go and be themselves.”

Who was your favorite teacher or administrator during your time at CHS? What subject did they teach? What made her or him special?

There are a lot of teachers at CHS that I like, but the top two on my list are Mrs. Nurse and Miss Lanni. Mrs. Nurse is at the top of my list because she really knows how to connect with students and she really looks out for her students’ best interests. Miss Lanni taught English, and now is a tech coach. Miss Lanni is at the top because, like Mrs. Nurse, she looks out for her students and is always there to help. Both Mrs. Nurse and Miss Lanni are truly amazing teachers that anyone would be lucky to have.


What is something about CHS that people might not know, but should?

Something about CHS that people may not know but should know is that there aren’t just teachers that teach at CHS, Here, teachers and staff truly care about their students and would do anything to help them.

What advice would you give to next year’s ninth grade students coming to CHS?

A piece of advice that I would give to next year’s ninth graders would be to enjoy your time in school because it goes by so fast you wont know were the time has gone.

What makes CHS special? Why?

CHS is special because it is a place where kids can go and be themselves.